Fashion and extreme sports

Although it is still not mainstream, extreme sports have become incredibly popular over the last decade. Sports like surfing, snowboarding and BMX still do not attract the masses who have football and baseball, but they have surprisingly crept slowly into the collective consciousness of sports fans. One area in which these sports had a major impact is the fashion world. BMX apparel and other types of sportswear are popular not only with extreme athletes but also with people from all walks of life.

From a certain point of view, the rise of extreme sports is not surprising. Sportswear has always been popular with athletes and non-athletes alike. Sportswear is not only designed for comfort, but also fits in perfectly with most of the casual clothing styles in the US. Sportswear was no longer intended for athletes in the early 20th century, but for most people who think of casual wear. Fashion designers now regularly include sportswear elements in their work, even in clothes that should not be informal. Nowadays, it is difficult not to go public and see people wear jerseys, baseball caps, and other clothes that were originally designed as sportswear, even though no sporting event is taking place. Sportswear has become a general purpose casual wear.

Comfort and a casual look are not the only reasons why sportswear has become so popular. Extreme sports, as the name implies, can be dangerous. At least professional skateboarding requires pads and a helmet, and proper BMX clothing can save BMX bikers from some really bad injuries. At first glance, this may not seem like much to someone who would never get on a skateboard or BMX bike, but the protection offered by extreme sports equipment can be useful in other situations. The heavy fleece jackets that snowboarders wear is one of the warmest winter jackets on the market, and the shoes that skateboarders wear lasts longer than most sneakers.

Due to the popularity of these high-adrenaline sports, many fashion designers have started to market this extreme sportswear for the mainstream. In casual situations, people are still more likely to wear a soccer jersey than BMX clothing, but the growing popularity of sportswear has not gone unnoticed. Many professional extreme athletes now have their own clothing lines and it has come to a point where many people wear the clothes without having sports knowledge. Many just like the clothes themselves, which can be considered the ultimate victory for any fashion designer.

After all, the popularity of extreme sports fashion is not too different from the popularity of most other sportswear. Ultimately, most people wear things like BMX clothing because it fits the casual dress style that's so popular in the US. In addition, most of these clothes are both durable and stylish. Extreme sports are still seen as a niche, but many of the associated fashions could become mainstream in the years to come.