The advantages of a fashion show

For some, having a good time means having a party, for others it's just being yourself and watching the latest movie or reading a book that suits them. For others, having a fashion show is a special idea.

It has often turned out to be true that after just one show you end up as a fashion show addict. A fashion show does not just consist of sitting for several hours and watching an attractive woman walk the catwalk in extreme outfits. It is much more fun. You even have the opportunity to get a lot out of the show.

Latest news in fashion

If you visit a fashion show, you can see the latest fashions. This can help you, even if you are not a fashion salesman. This can help you by getting an idea of ​​what fashion is current. Even if you're not very interested in what everyone wears, you can be inspired to update your wardrobe a bit or find an idea for a fashion that's unique to you.

In addition, a fashion show can provide good entertainment if you find that the latest fashion is awful. What do you think, how much fun it will be to laugh with your family and friends about a model that has come up with a lion mask and a tail on your return?

Gifts bag

Although not all fashion shows offer them, some fashion shows give their guests gift bags. Who does not like free stuff? Even if you may not like all the things contained in the goodie bag, you can later pass them on to someone you know he likes. The bigger and better the name of the fashion show is, the bigger and better is the bag that they distribute.

Meet people

Fashion shows are usually excellent social gatherings. First of all, you may find new friends. You may find that your new best friend was sitting next to you at a fashion show and admiring the same male or female model as you. It is even better if you meet some important people.

I'm not just talking about the beautiful models, fashion designers or guest appearances of celebrities. I'm talking about important people who could possibly shape your career. For example, if you have tried to invade journalism. It is possible that a newspaper editor is currently reporting at the fair. Creating a social connection with them could enable you to get into a potential job.

To go to a fashion show may not be your idea of ​​fun or "cup of tea," as the saying goes. Nevertheless, at least everyone should go to one. You may find a new trend that you want to try out, meet someone who is changing your life, or even want to realize your newly discovered love of fashion.

If you do not enjoy the show in the end, you can always go home and swear never to go back there. Regardless, you have some kind of funny story to tell later in life, and now you can not say you've never seen one.


Why fashion is always changing

Everyone is affected to some extent by fashion. In the era of the early supermodel age, fashion could be classified as glamor or commons. Today, fashion is fast, trendless, comfortable and personal. Street fashion as one of the most popular forms reflects personality and lifestyle rather than trends in general. Because social media offer people many opportunities to get to know trends, fashion has really become shapeless. Hollywood stars update their Facebook and Twitter accounts almost every second of their day, including their clothes. This is how Stars set fashion trends. But stars are not the only ones who can express their fashion style openly. Fashion bloggers, not just professionals, but ordinary people, can bring their fashion style into the world. In a moment, fashion has become commonplace, everywhere and for everyone.

In the Information Age and in a highly globalized world community, the view and concept of fashion has changed as it embodies many different elements of different cultures. For example, in the 1980s, jeans had monopolized youth culture not only in the US, but also in other countries, especially in East Asian countries such as Japan and Korea. Now American styles are no longer the standard, as designers with different ethnic backgrounds incorporate their own views into their design. Moreover, in this highly globalized world, ethnicity is no longer the only factor influencing the fashion trend as it did decades ago. Now people are guided by taste, lifestyle and experiences. For example, the simple power-look of Alexander Wang has won many fans of minimalism. Thus, it is possible that the fashion in its course better reflects the lifestyle and social trends of the people.

In addition, fashion has now become a personal brand. Everyone's unique style can be called his or her fashion. For example, the punk style was originally a style of socially dissatisfied youth, now it was even picked up by couture designers. Decades ago, there were standard rules in fashion such as women and men. Fashion is not dictated strictly by gender these days. It's been born a new fashion class called Unisex, in which fashion lines of both sexes can be worn.

This type of fashion enjoys great popularity due to greater equality between men and women. Women have more choices than before.

Not only adults, children have their own fashion. Although they imitated what the adults wore, children's fashion was also extensively commercialized. The children's fashion is strongly affected by the adult mode. Many adult designer brands also offer a children's collection that closely follows adult trends.

Fashion styles have been changed to allow more freedom of choice. The price for fashion has also been changed. Before, fashionable clothing meant high prices. Now a fashionable garment does not have to be expensive anymore. Brands like Forever 21, J. Crew, Target Clothing, etc., offer couture-style clothing at very reasonable prices. Simply put, the price is no longer synonymous with good style or good fashion.

The fashion has evolved fundamentally – not just the concept of fashion, but also the price and accessibility.


Fashion marketing planning

What's in a fashion marketing campaign?

This article explains the components of a fashion marketing plan and how fashion brands can improve their marketing strategy. Fashion marketing addresses the needs, desires and needs of your target consumer, and these goals are achieved through the marketing mix.

Fashion marketing differs from fashion publicity in that fashion PR focuses solely on communication and how the brand communicates with and addresses its target consumers.

A fashion marketing plan focuses on four key concepts: 1] product development, 2] sales management, 3] communications and 4] costs. In order to implement an effective marketing campaign, the marketing mix must be consumer-oriented and focused on niche markets, rather than targeting mass markets. This concept simply means that the marketing strategy and implementation should focus on consumers and their needs, wishes and requirements, and should have a well-defined market to target.

Niche marketing is more focused and cost effective, allowing the marketer to focus on a specific market segment. Otherwise, a mass marketing campaign is omnipresent and there is a lack of a defined consumer to market.

Imagine, for example, that the luxury brand Louis Vuitton is a mass retailer and does not serve a niche market. Essentially, this would mean that Louis Vuitton markets its products to the masses, although this is indeed unrealistic. Louis Vuittton's award does not allow the brand to serve the masses, which is why the brand forwards all its marketing communications to the luxury market. However, this does not mean that the mark is closed to consumers who are not exactly entering the luxury market. This simply means that the communication strategy and brand identity are more appealing to consumers in the luxury market. This approach enables the company to remain competitive and effective in its strategic approach.

Components of a fashion marketing plan

1] product development

The most important part of the product development phase is not the product itself. The product is only the by-product of this phase. The most important part of this phase is consumers. Consumers prescribe all elements of the marketing plan and consequently determine what the product is. Keep in mind that today's highly competitive global market requires companies to be consumer-focused and focused on consumer needs. Consumers determine the pricing strategy, distribution points, communication strategy and the end result of the product. In the example given above for Louis Vuitton, the consumers addressed determine the costs and value of the brand.

There are two orientations in the product development phase. The company can be product-driven and choose to first develop products and then market them in the target markets. Alternatively, the company may be more market-oriented and segment its markets first to determine their specific needs, desires and requirements, and then create the product to meet those needs.

Due to the temporary nature of the fashion industry, fashion marketers are in short commercialization cycles because product needs are seasonal. As the seasons change, so do trends and tastes. As a result, marketers must constantly adjust their product offerings over time.

2] Price: cost for value

The pricing strategy is strictly based on market segmentation. With a consumer-oriented marketing focus, the pricing strategy would take into account the associated costs to the consumer and the value provided to the consumer. Prices may vary depending on the market segment and the perceived value of the product or brand. A consumer who buys a luxury brand finds the product more valuable and willing to pay more for it than a price-conscious consumer or a product mass-produced with minimal differentiation.

3] distribution management

The sales strategy determines the comfort and availability of the product. Traditional fashion brand distribution channels include brand flagship stores, independent retailers, department stores, and online sales. The more sales channels are used, the more intense the commitment of the brand and the greater the availability for the hypermarkets.

4] Promotions and communication

The advertising strategy includes how the brand attracts its buyers and what activities are used to communicate with the target consumers. Activities at this stage include brand development and identity, sales promotion, public relations, product placement, advertising, event marketing and sponsorship.


Teenage fashion story

The word "teenager" was first coined in the 1950s when teenage fashion found its place and a niche market emerged. Teenagers were now a closed group with their own feelings, their own style, their own convictions, and their own way of perceiving life. that is, their own personality.

Malcolm Barnard says in his book "Fashion as Communication": "Fashion and clothing have always been declared as forms of communication." Teenagers now have their own voice to speak out, and they manage to do it through fashion.

Being a teenager is rebellious. If you look at the decade-long youth fashion, you may find that it has turned out to be a way of departure.

In the 1950s, when adolescent fashion companies emerged, it followed the famous look of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. Although her clothes were not too different from the general fashion trend, girls were dressed in dresses with petticoats and crinolines under their skirts. Boys wore tight Levis, chinos, white or black tight shirts and slippers or converse shoes with leather jackets.

Fashion is completely influenced by history and "manipulated". Historical events are shaping decades of fashion as clothing reveals people's way of life, ideas and even prejudices.

In the 1960s, fashion and music went hand in hand. Pop and rock music began to influence fashion in an unprecedented way. Fashion icons like The Beatles or rebellious rock stars like Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger spoke on behalf of the younger generation and represented the main force.

In the 1970s, the disco era was loud and colorful. The fabrics of the decade were polyester, acrylic and lycra. Women's clothes dropped to their knees and men wore bell-bottoms, jackets and gold chains. Platform shoes were big on the dance floor and the shirt patterns were dizzy.

The 1980s brought the aerobic enthusiasm with it. The ultimate combination was tight, shiny stretch leggings and an oversized shoulder-free sweatshirt. The pop singer Madonna was at its peak at this time, and she greatly influenced the sense of style among teenagers.

The nineties were a mix of very different styles of teen fashion. Boy bands and girl pop music bands were quite versatile in terms of clothing and they were admired by the younger generation. It was again the time of the platform shoe, which shows itself in many shoes from sandals to tennis shoes. The colors are dramatic or pastel colors, while the classic black color was still used for dramatic effects in fashion.

Teenage clothing is very comfortable in every way these days. The basic trends are vintage blue jeans with a trendy. The clothing of teenagers must be priced, since the expenses of the young people are quite limited in the amount collected in their piggy banks.


Model agencies – their importance in the fashion industry

If you know fashion and know how the fashion industry works normally, then you know how important modeling agencies are and how important they are to the smooth functioning of the entire industry. Model agencies are agencies that recruit, manage, and nurture models, giving them the opportunity to make a name for themselves in the fashion industry. Due to the excessive competition in show business, many people usually need a strong backing to make a name for themselves in this area. This is ensured by such agencies, which give the models in their squad the chance to make a name for themselves.

These model agencies receive contracts from various fashion houses and individual fashion designers who want to stage their fashion shows. The purpose of modeling agencies is to provide their clients with appropriate models for their fashion shows and make the show successful for the designer. When it comes to a fashion show, the importance of a model is synonymous. It is the role of the model to wear a dress properly and then present it to viewers in a way that makes them look both graceful and elegant.

If the model itself is not good or graceful, it can not complement the clothes of the fashion house or designer, nor can it make a name. Modeling agencies hire models and care for them appropriately. They teach them the different ways they can gain the upper hand in the fashion industry.

As a rule, popular model agencies are only run by retired models, who have above-average experience in the field of fashion and can pass on their knowledge to the new models. Most modeling companies operate on a national basis, but there are several multinationals that hire and manage models in different countries to make even more profits. These fashion companies take on proper audition for aspiring models, and once they are inducted, talent managers are appointed to look after the models and nurture them appropriately so they can quickly establish themselves in the fashion industry.


What is avant-garde fashion?

According to the dictionary, the avant-garde trend is an artistic movement that fights against the already familiar and accepted forms and traditions and suggests a revolutionary formula. In other words, this avant-garde can be seen as an artistic innovation movement that has emerged from a spirit of negation and revolt against certain traditionalism. It has become synonymous with innovation, progress and rebellion.

In fashion, the avant-garde style is defined by its personality. Many designers were asked to define this style, and they all added a specific term to define it: subtle, mysterious, intimidating, intriguing, eye-catching. The accessories must be very modern, unusual but elegant. All garments should be combined with hats, belts or shoes in the most unusual shapes.

Models can be intimidated because what they wear goes beyond a normal picture. Avant-garde fashion means a bit of theater. Most of the time, the clothes can not be worn on the street because they belong to an extravagant style. They are very innovative and can be a bit shocking. Somehow this style is not just about fashion. It's a mix of fashion and art. Avant-garde fashion teaches women to have a specific attitude.

Avant-garde clothing means unusual, which attracts attention and does not let you fade in the crowd. When we talk about avant-garde fashion, we should not just talk about clothing. In the end, the result of the avant-garde must be a whole form. For this reason, the make-up with the clothes must go hand in hand.

The make-up has to express something new, unexpected and even exotic. An avant-garde fashion niche has been associated with men and specially designed items for them.

In the beginning, women were the perfect models to underline these innovative ideas. Gradually, the designers expanded to men. At first they wanted to surprise by their clothes, later everything was important. An example are the specially designed boots for them. A mix of styles, the first tendency to rejection, and then the craze to wear them are some of the reactions you come across.


Importance of fashion in society

Fashion is one of the most important factors in terms of social interaction and status. People often judge other people by their clothes. From social gatherings to status groups, fashion is often the main theme at such gatherings. Clothes also define people in social institutions. For example, students may not attend classes unless they wear the correct clothing. Bars and social clubs also have a policy on clothing. If a person wears a type of fashion that is not allowed in the facility, that person can not attend. In the workplace, the offices require their employees to wear the right clothes when they go to work or have a meeting. Since sports the right clothing is important, most people do not have a choice in clothes.

There are other institutions that prohibit the use of casual wear, for example, in relation to the hospital environment. Nurses, health coordinators and doctors need to wear the right clothes before they can work. In hospitals everything is about hygiene and cleanliness. If it comes to an operation, the doctors must wear hygienic protective suits and gloves before surgery. Lawyers also need to wear suits and formal attire to distinguish them when they go to court. We can define the profession and status of a person through his clothes. Psychologists would also use a person's clothing in their diagnosis. People who wear unsuitable or dirty clothing may be defined as having a problem. Hygiene and clothing would be a crucial factor in judging a person and their background.

Imagine a world without dress code. People can just enter hospitals that pretend to be doctors or nurses because everyone wears casual outfits. We would not be able to distinguish a person's occupation and status because everyone wears the same outfit. The cleanliness in the hospital would be eliminated, as the doctors can easily enter and perform any surgery without changing their clothes. That is why fashion is important in our society. Fashion sets standards in terms of professionalism and hygiene. Due to the fashion, the sexual harassment in schools and in the workplace decreases. Men are not tempted to harass their colleagues because their colleagues wear the right outfit.

Fashion has set social boundaries in the community. People would look elegant and clean if they wear the right outfit. Children would look neat and tidy if they wear the prescribed clothing when they go to school. Through fashion and the use of the right outfit we have improved the society. Therefore, people should always wear formal clothes so that they will be accepted by society. Having the right clothing at work would not only increase the professionalism in the office, but also improve the radiance in the workplace.


Why do people have different styles of fashion?

The term fashion style simply refers to the way a particular person wears their clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. It can also be determined by the type of garments that he / she wears in a given situation. Fashion styles can vary from one person to another for so many reasons. This may be due to age, taste, gender, budget, situation or the environment.

First of all, a teenager's fashion style is definitely different from an adult. Adolescents are more prone to being influenced by magazines, celebrities, movies and their friends than adults. They also love to wear more colorful clothing and accessories that contrast with those worn by adults. Adults prefer to wear clothes of conventional color, especially when they are at work, since such garments are formally to be considered. They also differ in their hairstyles or in the way they do their hair.

It is another fact that every person has different tastes, not just food, but also clothes, shoes, bags, hairstyles and accessories. There are people who love to wear different kinds of accessories, such as bangles, charm bracelets, necklaces and rings to match their outfits, and there are those who are not brave enough to make a loud fashion statement. These guys are the guys who just want to keep everything elegant. This simply proves that they have different fashion tastes and perceptions.

The gender of a person is another factor that makes a big difference in fashion styles. It is obvious that girls do not wear the clothes boys wear. The same applies to adult women and men. This is basically the most obvious reason for such a difference.

On the other hand, the budget is another factor that contributes to the differentiation of people's styles. Basically, people who have been given a bigger budget for their fashion style can buy the clothes they really want, while those who have a tight budget can use their initiatives and creativity to invent something fashionable and stylish.

The situation or environment can also affect a person's fashion style. Even if a person prefers a simple style, it is inevitable that they must attend events where they need to dress, wear crazy costumes, and step out of their comfort zone. These events can refer to Halloween parties, masquerade balls and other gatherings. At these events, a person needs to adapt to the environment and adapt to the theme of the meeting.

Being fashionable and stylish does not always mean that a person should follow the latest fashion style. Sometimes it means that you have to be different and find the particular fashion style that suits you perfectly. And besides, why should a person base his / her fashion style on other people, magazines, and movies if he / she can create his / her own?


Fashion yesterday and today

We live in a world surrounded by many things that have to do with either the technology, the latest equipment or the latest fashion. And fashion has gained its status today in almost all areas of life. Fashion can be divided into two groups: one group that follows and incorporates fashion trends, and the other group that creates fashion and style statements for others to follow. It can also be extended to another group of people who rarely have anything to do with fashion trends, but still follow their own style to create their own unique personality. Add another style to the fashion world.

Fashion is not just cosmetics and make-up or hairstyle. It's a sense of charisma to look good in everything you wear, and that magic is created with the right kind of accessories that make a pleasant image with the footwear and garments. People who can not afford to buy expensive clothes often look their best in their casual wear, by showing themselves to be that kind of sophistication and creating an aura around them with the confidence to look good.

There are countless types of fashion and trends change with the seasons. From the early '60s and' 70s to the present millennium, the shape, looks and thoughts about fashion trends have changed immensely.

In India, much of the fashion has been influenced by the Hindi film industry, popularly known as Bollywood. The trends that have changed over time are clearly visible in the films made in the 1960s and 1970s and show how they have evolved in different forms and produced a style that is widely watched by the general public can. People have been imitating the West from the beginning, and this was no exception. The clothes made in the 60s and 70s were heavily influenced by the western countries and got a traditional touch. The flares, scarves and hairstyle were widely used as a style icon in those days. Later in the 80s and 90s, the fashion world sizzled like never before. There was a desire of people to look different, stylish and modern, and this was reflected in their attitude to their outfit, new hairstyles, make-up, accessories such as purses, earrings, necklaces, matching shoes, etc.

People were aware of every new thing that was marketed, and they copied the styles of their Bollywood idols. Bollywood began as a platform for theatrical artists and developed into a commercial entry point for teenagers and aspirants for a career in the film and fashion industry. This gave the youth of today the opportunity to emphasize the fashion world. Art and music have always belonged to the past and are rooted with more features and facilities deep in the present.

Today, fashion, art, music, designers, dance, etc. have a permanent place in the industry and people can accept everything that has to do with this industry as a profession. Art and music have long been part of the school's activities, and the Higher Colleges are now offering various courses to improve their professionalism in these areas. There are also various drama schools and a small screen, d. H. The television has opened the door to highlighting the talent of young minds through numerous platforms for music and dance. This is the innovation of the millennium in creating jobs and working in the fashion industry. The trends we see are evoked by the fashion houses that regularly present their inventions, many of which are popular in FTV, Zee Trendz and TLC channels. We can also take a look at the elegant outfits that present the models. Modeling is also one of the platforms for entering the fashion world today.

In recent years, fashion has been limited to the actors in the film or those brave enough to show themselves in the public eye that they are fashionable. Others only wooed them behind closed doors. Slowly, as times changed, we could see the women showing their style in traditional saree with an embroidered blouse and a different neck style. Then we saw how the saree was draped in different styles like the Bengali style or the Gujarati style etc. The women released their freedom of choice, and this was evident in their appearance with a high-heeled slipper or the handbag she wore, or how she kept her saree or the hair and make-up she wore. All these changes led to the invention of the Churidhars and then the Salwar Kameez and finally the fashion of the dresses. Women accepted the fact that they could not be faulted, and the men, of course, loved seeing the attractive side of women and imagined the idea of ​​their spouse.

This shift in public attitudes has been well received by fashionistas and a huge market has been created to meet the needs of the public. Today, fashion creates a new look with a specific style for a specific person and keeps up with the latest trends in the market. This industry is known for its glamor and blend of Indian tradition and culture, which has flowed into the designer fashion of the models.

People love to experiment with different textures of materials used in the outfits, and so the designers give them a wide selection of dresses with all kinds of garments. There is the traditional combination of khadi and silk that is currently producing waves for both men's and women's wear. Then we have the embroidery in Zardosi, Swarovski studs and Lehangas and Multi Stoned works in Bridal Collection Saris etc. Then the most sought after materials like cotton, polyster, chiffon, crush materials in different iconoclastic designs and styles.

For the designers, there is always the hope that the youth wants a change in fashion and is happy to maintain the trend with a fusion of Indian and Western mix of fashionable clothing. Even the youth of today is very practical in terms of styling for a specific occasion. Be it a party or for a marriage or the casual look, they want the best and they believe that they look the best. And to do that, people go one step ahead to make sure they have everything in their wardrobe for every occasion.

Apart from the fashionable clothing and fashion that is currently popular, people want to try something that fits their attitude. So the market started with a woman's own friend – the purse or wallet. The fresh look of a purse with gorgeous colors and its stylish features like the chain handle or the jazzy zippers with numerous pockets in different shapes attracted the audience like never before. And with the growing demand for branded wallets, it became a must for every woman to do her shopping. The other accessories have also created a place in the market. Just a few to quote, the earrings and necklaces, the various belts, wrist bands and brooches, the stiletto and its wonderfully embroidered party slippers, as well as the brotherly high, sturdy shoes that give a perfect cowboy look, etc.

Fashion has always been a very interesting topic for all women, and now the trend has even challenged men to compete for a more attractive look for a remarkable future in the fashion world, making them a fully acceptable thing for all genres of people do.

Kiriti C Chavadi



Fashion or comfort – what is more important?

It can be seen all over the magazines, which are often seen on television, and even some newspapers are in the game. Advice on what to wear and what not to wear. The people we surround ourselves with are usually just too happy to share their thoughts about our outfits. It's hard to avoid because the message is everywhere and if we do not follow the trend, we're told we "let go".

But is it really important? After all, the main purpose of clothing is to keep us warm and safe from the environment that surrounds us. Clothes should be functional. Without fur or feathers to make us feel good, we rely on various materials to do the work for us. It's definitely nice to look attractive, but no matter how appealing, if it does not feel comfortable on the skin, and if it's painful to wear, why should we simply submit to it for fashion reasons?

A fashion statement has shared the opinion of women for decades – the stiletto shoe. Some women wear them because it is generally believed that they make the legs look good. Some wear them because they make you look taller. Some actually find them comfortable to wear while others do not manage to walk more than a few steps without twisting an ankle. In the name of fashion, they can cause foot problems, leg and back pain. Is it worth?

The answer is not as easy as it seems. The older we get, the less we are generally interested in what's in and what's out. We have decided what we like to wear and what we feel comfortable with. So if we go shopping, we'll probably get more of the same or something similar. On special occasions, we occasionally get "fancy" items, but if we like our jeans and sneakers, we'll come back to them every day.

As in any industry, fashion is about money. The constant trend change that causes people to change the contents of their wardrobes over the course of the year is aimed at preventing us from spending our money. If fashion magazines told us that the latest must-have is indeed the must-have of last year and the year before, people would only replace this item if it was damaged or no longer fit. To keep customers on their toes and keep people in the industry running, fashion needs to evolve.

That does not mean that we have to participate. Not if we do not want to. It does not make sense to buy clothes just because it's trendy when we can not or do not want to afford it. Yes, pretty clothes can help if we want to win a partner, but unless that partner is part of the fashion industry or someone who sums up the latest trends.

My advice is to choose what you like, regardless of what the media tell you. If you want to look good, almost anything works if it's right for your body type and skin type. If you like to dress to impress, do it. If you like your high heels, try it (although I would not wear it all the time – give your feet the break they deserve). If you like comfortable clothes, you feel free. Do not be fooled into letting go just because you like your hood tops. You do not have to wear them.

Everyone should be able to dress as they please. If you like what you wear, you can feel safe, and that's far more attractive than the latest designer apparel.